Losing Weight

Written By, Benjamin H. Liles

A couple days ago, on Easter Sunday, I     found out my weight was 100 pounds over my ideal - 275. For me this is a huge thing. For one I had been around 300 pounds for the longest time. I've given up sodas for a large part. I eat decent, healthy meals anymore and I go for walks a lot more. Yesterday I went for a massive walk - 4.68 miles.

What transpired to make me walk that far in one day was that my car's radiator was on the verge of just going to radiator heaven. I took my car to my local repair shop, they found the cause real quick. Coolant level was fine, but the radiator not so much. I'll have to find a way to come up with around $900. In the process I had forgotten to grab a freezer section french fry from the store in my area, plus I forgot to grab my apartment key. So, I left my apartment around 10am. It took me around 2.3 miles to walk all the way to the car repair shop, not much further to the grocery store, grab those french fries, and another 1.25 miles to get back home. so 4.68 miles within 2 hours? Abysmal. But I walked it.


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