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The Problem with Scammers

Written by Benjamin Liles I always think the truth is best in all situations. Even if it's my fault allowing something so terrible to happen to me.  My marriage has always been in trouble. Some of it was me. Part of it is my ex-wife, too. She can say she's been innocent all day long. But with everything between all my research into how and why I got scammed and why men cheat on their wives...   Okay, my story: being objective on all things, too. For a time in my marriage things were actually happy between her and I. We would do things together, we did have the occasional argument and all, but overall we got along relatively well. We tried having children. She miscarried. We both cried over that. Things got rougher. We had a verbal fight the night her long-time cat passed away. That by itself upset me for her. Still I went out of my way to stay loyal and faithful. Why does anyone cheat? Because either partner/spouse is not meeting a need to their other. It isn't always abou