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Life Changes, Newer Postings, and More

By Benjamin H. Liles 

I know it's practically been a year since I last posted, but a lot of things have happened since this world was hit with Covid-19.While this website is not going away, there will be some changes, again. The biggest changes have been to my health, loss of my now late grandmother as well as my father. To say this last year has been a time of upheaval, change, and loss is an understatement. Both of them, my maternal mom's death and my mom losing her husband - my father, has made it real tough on me. It's not only made me look at things with newer and more fresh eyes, but to not take life or even living for granted. For the greater part of the last year I've been learning a lot about web design and development (while my health has struggled). I've loved growing this site on blogger.