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Neither Hot nor Cold: Lukewarm Christianity is not a Christ-filled Life

 By Benjamin H. Liles

          I'm sitting here, thinking as to how I fulfill these upcoming verses; no, they're not strictly about me nor anyone else, but can and could be applied to many within these upcoming verses. I was looking over some of my past articles and it dawned on me: I'm writing a bit less now than when I came out of my gall bladder surgery. At that time in my life I felt hot for God; on fire would be the best way. Over time, I cooled off, got cold. But it seems that lately, I've just

Proper Biblical Teaching

By Benjamin H. Liles

There are certain things that many people can teach on: finances, history, business, accounting, atc. But one of the hardest things to teach well on is God's word, the Bible. Why? First off, without properly understanding the Bible, all sorts of error and deception can take place. Secondly, doing so with the mindset of an unbeliever heaps a load of trouble on those shoulders of the person teaching scripture. Lastly, as James points out, "Not many....should become teachers...[we] will be judged more strictly" (James 3:1). So, the bottom line about teaching scripture is to do so while properly handling His word correctly, and not in deception.

Living a Pleasing, Faithful Life

By Benjamin H. Liles

          I've thought over how I want to phrase this over the past many hours since yesterday when it was put on my heart to write this. Consequently, I know it's been almost a month since my last post. How then can we be faithful and pleasing when consistency is the key? There is this preface: we are called and chosen by Christ Jesus to obey His commands as well as to love each other. Without that faith, and even love, means absolutely nothing (see 1 Cor. 13:1-2).