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The Vision Driven Leader

By Benjamin H. Liles

Most people who have a singular vision of defining themselves and how they see things operate by what some of us call odd behavior. Take for example Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and numerous others who dared to make things happen and to get their organizations going. Now imagine applying this through Jesus Christ! Michael Hyatt, in my honest opinion, goes all out on giving the best possible advice in honoring Christ, putting people before ourselves (the leader), even so far as to giving special offers in order to position their brand, their company even better.

Those that I have mentioned I don't necessarily agree with how they have grown their companies or their businesses, but they had a vision in mind and that is to help people achieve something beyond themselves. Having said that this is what I believe Michael Hyatt has done to the best of his ability with this book. Michael Hyatt started of his career at Word Publishing while a student at Baylor University in Waco, TX. From there he has been a literary agent, joined Thomas Nelson, helped create the WestBow Press imprint, a white label vanity press.

By 2006 Hyatt served as both chairman and chief executive of a Nashville, TN-based Christian books publisher, and since 2011 been only chairman of the same company. Since then he has started Hyatt and Co., writing several books on Leadership and seen his company grow 60% over a four year period. As I received this book complimentary from Baker Books I do my utmost to review honestly and fairly.

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