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Highland Lakes McDonald's receives Face Lift

The way the former McDonalds looked on the outside.
By Benjamin H. Liles

          The local McDonalds in the Highland Lakes area of Texas has been receiving a face lift the past few months. Located at the address of 1605 Highway 1431 W, McDonalds has been in the area for at least thirty years, according to James Stewart, the contractor of the job. "If there are no other problems we're looking at an opening of May 13," he said.

          As I sat in the parking lot talking to James those few minutes I was able to tell that the inside of the building would hold at least double the occupancy of the former building. Gone is the old children's playscape. While those who were busy handling the reconstruction effort of the local McDonalds the community has been hit with COVID-19 cases, total in all for Burnet county alone stands at 20 to date. While this does affect local businesses, at least the drive through will be handled efficiently. It will have two lanes for taking orders at the drive through.

          Maria Lim, the owner and operator of the McDonalds in Marble Falls said in January, before the demolition, "It's a total rebuild" (Marble Falls McDonald's to be demolished and rebuilt - She's not the only one who will be excited about the new building either. Once when the pandemic has subsided enough customers will be happy to visit the new customer lounge of the building. The new store is sporting a new style different from the Burnet location.

          Also, orders can be placed by mobile as well as online. I know I normally do Christian book reviews, and Christian articles, but as I was taking care of a little business for my home, I thought I'd check in on one of my favorite little spots here.

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