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The Successful Speaker (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          When I say what I do it's not that this is by any means a spoiler alert: I don't know who Grant Baldwin is. Aside from that, have I enjoyed this wonderful book? Indeed. He has wonderful ideas about what makes for a successful speaker and how to make it happen. Let's dive in a bit more, shall we?

          From the get go Grant starts off showing us through some wonderful and incredible stories of people who have made speaking their primary money-maker. Yes, they all started in one industry (whether it's journalism, business, ministry, whatever) and shifted it where they were doing more and sharing the things they all have learned to make better speakers. So, what is the overall aim of the book? I would have to say to explore, in-depth, as to if speaking is a valid way to make even more money. It's not for everyone. Those who are introverts can break into speaking publicly, but if you absolutely are horrified by the thought of it, this book isn't for you.

          For me, I have enjoyed reading the book. While I am not a professional speaker by any means I do not get the same kind of sick butterfly feeling as I did as a singer/songwriter/guitarist. Do I still write songs? Occasionally. I prefer to focus on writing, be it a book review or about how to take active steps in being an authentic Christ-follower. With that said, I received a complimentary copy of this book for a fair and honest review.

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