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The Basic Bible Atlas (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

         When I think about the heritage of any group of people there's no other that I can say has a depth and beauty as those of the Hebrew faith. Beck does an amazing job with in-depth maps, pictures and explanations of places, people, and things that even though this isn't a comprehensive atlas, it gets the job done. For my wife and I we enjoyed going through this book, honestly. In our genuine faith of being more like our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Messiah, we believe this is a must have book for those who see him as their Lord.

          As far as atlases go, and I have had at least one in my life, I enjoyed this a great deal. It shows you where David walked, where Solomon put the temple, both versions of Jerusalem under their very different reigns, maps that show the trips of Paul, at least one map showing the Exodus walk from Egypt, and the list goes on. It's an amazing book to have to help you understand the people of Israel. It's such a rich history that I believe could bless anyone who wanted to know more without having to spend an arm and a leg to go and see the land of Israel.

          What I'm getting at here is that I appreciate the work and the extent to which John Beck put into this to get it into our hands. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Books for an honest and fair review.

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