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Stitches in Time (Book Reviews)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          The latest book of Suzanne Woods Fisher, Stitches in Time, will keep readers riveted to each page. It is the newest addition to The Deacon's Family series she's been working on. While I was not able to read Mending Fences, book one of the series, I can imagine it's just as good as this book. Mollie is a teacher doing her best to reach the children of the community of Stoney Ridge. But at the same time she gets herself into trouble. Sam Shrock is a horse trainer who has done his best to remain detached, but he can't remain so because of Mollie Graber, the teacher.

          I was given a copy of this book by Revell for a fair and honest review of the book. To be clear here, while I do love the way Suzanne tells each and every story, I'm always delighted and pleasantly surprised with the characters, the setting and the overall message and arc of the book. It's like she knows each of these characters well enough as if they were alive and here with us, not off in some other time in history. So, as I've said once before about Suzanne Woods Fisher's books and writing - she has another hit on her hands. Readers will eat this book up.

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