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Pray Big Things (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          Julia Jeffress Sadler has her first book Pray Big Things. It's a wonderful book about pray and to be fearless and audacious with our prayers. Julia is both a minister's wife, being married to her high school sweetheart Ryan Sadler, as well as the daughter of pastor Robert Jeffress. It's packed full of practical ways to pray better, to even pray for bigger things we thought possible.

          I live by the fact that Christ-followers need to be seen and not heard, but what if that translates into praying for others? What would things truly look like if we prayed big, massive things on behalf of others who don't know how to pray? It's one of those big reasons I'm glad to receive this book complimentary from Baker Books.
          The big thing I want to say about Julia Jeffress Sadler is that, to me, it seems while we never get things perfect, we can do things as God would desire of us to do. It is my view, of this book she's poured her heart into, that she's done a wonderful and great job delivering what she knows is true and to give insight into how we all just might Pray Big Things.

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