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Faith for Exiles (Book Reviews)

By Benjamin H. Liles

         There are a slew of voices every where telling us which way to go and to grow. First off we have our parents and friends, next we have extended family like grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and even cousins. But what can we do to help our next generation grow up in a world of technology and in this digital world? David and Mark both answer that with this book Faith for Exiles. It comes to my attention, even as a programmer myself, that there is a time and place for technology to take a back seat and to re-prioritize our family time.

          Granted, even in my youth we did our best to find ways to disengage in our own way, and today's youth is no different. From topics such as depressions, suicide, sex, babies, etc., so forth and so on, many of us believe and think it's okay to simply stop talking to those who love us the most: primarily our families and then next our friends. Society is built on these two things. The world we live in may hinge on the future as well as technology and the digital world being "normal" in a sense, but our focus needs to be helping each other.
          David and Mark do a wonderful job in the regard of letting us know what we can do to help those who are in need of a Savior: to pray for them, to make friends with them, to re-engage others so they see their value and their worth. The digital age doesn't and can't offer the kind of blessings and healing that only Jesus Christ can and that means we need to step up as disciples of a risen Lord waiting to see where our faith is: Him or this decaying world. I received this book complimentary from Baker Books for a fair and honest review. I can say this much -- it's a wonderful book to help us re-engage those in society to finding a better way, one in which we prosper and help one another to heal and to keep our eyes simply on Christ, not this world.

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