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Breaking Anxiety's Grip (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          I want to take this moment to praise the work and faith of Dr. Michelle Bengston. To go from feeling hopelessness as well as from depression to having a thriving and successful practice in helping people break free from their chains is wonderful. I count her story and struggles as being the kind of thing we all need as a Christ-centered community and people. If we all knew of those things and reasons and ways as to why we suffer the way we do with a careful and compassionate heart as she's given, we'd all be far better off. But that praise only goes so far. For it is by the power and grace of Jesus Christ that has enabled her to putting her faith, her activity of work into helping others find hope and healing.

          With that alone said, I had a great privilege and honor in reading and reviewing this book for Revell, to give it as fair, accurate and honest review. On that note I'd like to say a bit more about Bengston's book Breaking Anxiety's Grip. What she provides within the book is a way of looking at things, not as we think they are, but to see beyond and to see a far better hope and to put our eyes on One who sustains and guides us: Jesus Christ. Just as He healed people from various sickness and diseases and other problems from two thousand years ago, it was ultimately their faith that healed them. And that's really and truly what Michelle Bengston gets to the bottom of in this book. It is by our faith, when we operate in it fully, that we can overcome anxiety, worry and fear.

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