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You Belong With Me (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          This is a very heart-warming and lovely book by Tari Faris. For over twelve years Tari Faris has written numerous stories and novels. With this novel, You Belong With Me, hits a note that will resonate with the reader. I was enchanted with the work she's done on this book since the first page. It's truly a book worth reading.

          The main character, Hannah Thornton, is a realtor who is at odds with a man who desires to see their town of Heritage razed for a mall. She wins a grant to bring life back into Heritage and to see her home restored even though her mother left a terrible legacy that destroyed the family name. Luke Johnson is Hannah's best friend as well as a foster child. He has no idea about his past until while interviewing to become assistant fire chief that gets him to see himself as the man he once was and the man he is now.

          As I said, this book is a wonderful story. And I'd keep saying that, too. It's wonderfully written by Tari Faris, and as said is also one book any reader would be glad to have purchased and read. I enjoyed my complimentary copy that Revell sent me to review and it's why I'm leaving as honest and fair review on the book.

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