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Zion (Aaron Shust Lyric Video)

Brief post edit by Benjamin H. Liles

          I want to explain why I'm making this post edit here. There was a point in my life I absolutely hated and was failing at history in high school. We were given the project, as students, to look at and get into our family histories. As it has happened, since those days I had been in high school I am now caretaker of my family's heritage and ancestry.

          On one hand, my father's side is English/British, but American since they came over about 1660 A.D. My mother's side is a bit more complicated. Through her mother she's mainly Scottish/Irish. It's taken some time for me to track and trace my grandfather whose surname is Welge. I know some will be all shocked and surprised at this, but the longer form of that surname is Wohlgemueth, which has a link into my father's ancestry as well. I still don't know the full story or rich detailed history of my Wohlgemueth ancestry.

          So, we bounce to one reason why I put my faith and trust into Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. On one hand, by faith, this makes me one of Abraham's sons; yes, the Abraham who offered Isaac on Mount Moriah -- aka Zion, Jerusalem, God's Holy city. And that's the big reason I put Aaron Shust's video on my website/blog. The other reason is that if the history is right on my mother's maiden name: Welge/Wohlgemueth then I'd be partially Ashkenazi. Correct me if that's wrong, I can take it. But the thing is when I watch this video: Zion, by Aaron Shust, it makes me want to be around my Jewish family, both in faith and in truth. We are all sons and daughters of the One true God of Israel when we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It's not a matter of ancestry or pedigree but of faith, as Paul says (see Galatians 3:7).

          I also want to say that I love the music of Joshua Aaron who sings None Like You along with Aaron Shust. It's such a beautiful and uplifting song! So, to my family in Israel: God bless you! God be with you always! And may our God always be the God who saves and restores! In Christ's name I send this to all of you.

          As I end this tonight I want to end it in the lyrics at the end of Aaron Shust's Zion, "Adonai Eloheinu Adonai echad (Shema Israel):" which translates as "The Lord our God, The Lord is One (Hear, O Israel)." Simply love that song.

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