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The String (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          The way he stands there, looking serene, austere, intense, lips flat and pressed wearing a tuxedo, with a bit of tail covering his waist makes the orchestra nervous. He gets in position before the orchestra, facing them and then he starts giving them direction to play their piece. So the conductor normally plies his craft with the orchestra. Where am I going with this? Caleb Breakey, with his book The String does exactly that.

          At first glance, Caleb starts off the book from the vantage point of the bad guy, and The String is no less a thrill ride, in your face, fast and intense work. I absolutely loved it! Another author whose work I also love, Lynette Eason, also does a great job with what she writes. So while both Caleb and Lynette have their specialties in the types of books they write, I could easily put Caleb in the same category as Lynette due to both having written such wonderful books that hook the reader. In fact, that's what makes me love both of them and what they do as authors.

          And that truly is the job of an author: suspend our belief in such a way, that while they weave the story, we are simply along for the ride - so in that sense of "conducting", they lead us on a merry chase to get to that final point where the reader says, "Whew! What a ride!" I can say that for sure on Caleb Breakey's The String. I don't do spoilers. I never have and never will. But if you truly want a suspenseful read, mixed in with the Christian faith, with some light-hearted romance between the characters Caleb's The String does exactly that. I received a complimentary copy of the book from Revell for a fair and honest review.

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