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A Stained Legacy: One

By Benjamin H. Liles

          The halls not only dimly lit by a shaded hue of what seemed to be medical stale, Matt Shinom stalked down the vast corridors of the Terminal. Hand up, coiled around a saber, drawn and ready, lights flicked on and off gently. Something ripe hung in the air, causing Matt to put his hand to his face. A silver moon hung outside, casting eerie glows upon the cavernous inside of the decaying, molding building. Nothing seemed right in his world. In fact...Ta-zing, a bullet ricocheted off a wall near Matt's right ear; he fell tumbling to the other side.

          "Keep on walking, slowly, Mr. Shinom," the disembodied voice said.
          Matt looked on in the darkness, placing the exact position of the voice, pointing his saber in that direction. "Show yourself!"
          "Oh, no, dear boy. We must not get ahead of ourselves now, do we?" The voice sounded familiar, but he couldn't place it. It took Matt back to a time where he was with aunts and uncles, grandparents and parents and children laughed and played together. A kindly man had been talking with his great-cousin, a couple generations off his grandmother, her first cousin. "No, my boy. We mustn't get ahead at all now." The man chuckled.
          Matt looked down at the growing puddle of red close to his foot. "So, would it be safe to say you were there all those years ago with my family at the barbecue?"
          Sudden silence filled the vacuous void between the voice and himself.


           1999, Saginaw Park, Illinois

           A bespectacled man had been seen talking to a cousin of Matthew Shinom's third cousin once removed. He could tell the man was British from his Oxford shoes, the clothes he wore and especially his accent. "Cousin Gerald," Matt started to say.
           Gerald Andelow, a first cousin to Matt Shinom's maternal grandmother, shooed him away. Matt walked away, still admiring the man he always looked up to, yet feeling hurt. A few minutes later Gerald walked over, picking up his little cousin, tousling his hair. "He's no one but an associate of mine, bud. Don't worry about him."
          Matt watched the man with the sunlight bouncing off his glasses as Gerald placed him back with his parents and kid sister.


          The brief story you read here is completely fictional and I don't know what I will do with it as of yet, so bear with me. There may be starts and stops along the way as I try to figure out what it is I intend to do with this. Some things from my life I enjoy will end up in this story, while others I don't readily want to say will stay apart from the story. It's not that I have anything to hide, but some things are better left unknown.

          Yes, my Christian faith will also make an appearance as well, but for now different shades and hues need to be in play. So, suffice it to say I'm going to leave this story for now as it is.

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