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Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          Dean Del Sesto is a prominent author who's written several best sellers that include Shift Your Thinking for Success, Shift Points, and A Shift a Day for Your Best Year Yet. I would have to say after reading his latest book Shift Your Thinking for a Deeper Faith he's hitting notes that make it look the former way of living life in sinfulness and being and feeling defeated are things of the past. A new life in Christ means the person is transformed from the inside out and lives a victorious life even against the odds.

          So a big point to consider is who hasn't seen a rose or any kind of flower blooming in a hot and scorching sun and hasn't been amazed by that? It's because the roots of that flower go so deep that it's found a source of life to keep it blooming continuously! The truly converted person in Christ, the actual Christian is such a person as this. Harsh daily winds of life, fierce and strong opposition make this person thrive and survive as if it's with ease. What's the point to Dean Del Sesto's book?

          I've made a partial list of ninety-nine things he goes over in this book and they are that a Christian can have:

  • Balance in Life
  • Be in ceaseless, loving prayers
  • Living life free of the power of sin
  • Blessings from adversity
  • Awareness towards others as well as opportunities
  • Peace making abilties
  • an ability to keep their word despite the cost and circumstances
  • and so much more great biblical advice
          And that's the biggest claim Dean Del Sesto can make with this book. It's true the Bible doesn't actually need a companion tool, but if there was ever one Del Sesto makes sure that what he has in this two hundred ninety-six paged book has the best of God's word available to us! In other words Dean Del Sesto does an amazing job writing about how the Christ-follower can have God's grace and mercy in such great abundance it seems they are living better. And honestly we can!

          I received a complimentary copy of this book for a fair and honest review from Revell. 

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