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Living Lies (Book Reviews)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          When I say that I truly loved a book it has to do with the way an author writes, the phrasing of what is said, the characters given and portrayed. I can say the same for Natalie Walters latest Living Lies, it is really a good read. The book is set against the southern town of Walton, Georgia where Lane Kent has a restaurant. It seems from the outside of the book she's seeking to move on after her husband's death. We see a woman, a bit of how she is--being depressed, and at the same time who ends up seeing a dead body.

           Over the course of the book she interacts with the Sheriff's latest deputy and nephew, Charlie Lynch. He's intrigued by Lane and we learn in no time flat his aunt knows Lane Kent (you have to dive a bit in this story to get there). I find the characters are fresh and the writing really good. Overall, I would have to say for this debut novel of Natalie Walters is a great book and read.

           I am happy with what I read in and with this book. I did in fact receive this book complimentary from Revell to give an honest and objective review of the book. With all that said, I can say I am looking forward to more books from Natalie Walters.

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