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The Artful Match (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

           Ever since Jennifer Delamere's series London Beginnings caught my eye, I have truly enjoyed reading and reviewing her books. Hopefully, even after this latest review I give her book there are a great many more to be held. That being said, all three of these books, which started with Rosalyn's story, swept through Julia's story and now is on Cara's story one can only hope to be amazed and even more so, captivated, by Delamere's wonderful storytelling as well as her prose.

          I have found that throughout this series Jennifer has a wonderful hand and craft at telling stories. It makes me wish I had been able to read the story that made her a finalist for a RITA award. Still, there's something to be said in the flavor of this series she has written as a Revell author. To briefly cover the high points of this series: Rosalyn's story is told in The Captain's Daughter, to end up married to a stagehand/actor, Nate Moran. The Heart's Appeal finds Julia Bernay, an aspiring doctor a bit at odds but married to Michael Stephenson.

          This brings us to The Artful Match, which shows us Julia and Michael on their honeymoon searching for the Bernay sisters father who had been wrecked attempting to flee his ship during a hurricane. Considering I don't enjoy giving spoilers for books that's all I feel at liberty to give. All three books considered, these are tremendously well-written. I loved all three books, overall, even if each book can be read as stand alone novels. I truly feel Jennifer Delamere will be more than simply a household name, making herself and her readers all the more willing to reach for her books.

          I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell for a fair and objective review.

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