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Relationomics (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          The first thing I should say about Relationomics by Randy Ross is that it's not simple wisdom you find from a self-help book. Being a Christian in this day and age means having the practical ability to make your faith work in applicable ways to show others the reality of who Jesus Christ is. In other words, our actions should demonstrate the truth that God's Holy Spirit is still active and speaks to us.

          In the same manner Randy Ross has helped individuals and organizations over the years obtain better relationships with one another. Management teams ought to get along and help/encourage team members fulfill their roles and goals in those organizations, such as Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, General Electric, Panasonic, Comcast, and Cox Communications. Randy Ross has helped these organizations achieve better results from the community at large. It's no surprise then that what he writes can and will help out.

          With Relationomics the goal Ross has is to promote healthy relationships not only in the work environment but also in every day life. From being on a management team to dealing with the front-line of assisting customers with a purchase we ought to and can do better to build meaningful value in one another's life. And that really is the name of the game. How can a customer make consistent and right choices if no one is there to help them, say buying sheet rock to create rooms in their house? (to give an example). We need to find ways to develop and sustain those bridges with others.

          That's what Ross covers in the pages of Relationomics and even more such as:

          - becoming a value creator
          - decreasing employee turnover
          - leading beyond self-interest
          - and so much more

          Before founding his current company Remarkable!, Randy has led several not-for-profit entities in Texas and Florida, serving as VP of recruiting for a large regional mortgage corporations, based in Atlanta. Later, Ross became the Chief People Officer of North American Automotive Group. Him and his wife, LuAnne. have four children and reside in Atlanta, Georgia.   

          I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Books to review this in an objective and fair review.

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