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A Testimony of Faith

By Benjamin H. Liles

          I admit I don't share my faith in the power of Christ's shed blood every day. To be honest, that is on me. What's not on me is the fact I do my personal best when I don't feel afraid (I know, perfect love casts out fear, His perfect love, that is), but the biggest hindrance is that not a great deal of truly, and life-changing Christians truly know how to confess their faith in the power of the resurrected Lord. 

          So, here we go, and there's a simple way to share your faith: talk to someone about Him. It doesn't have to be like a bolt of lightning out of the blue. What I mean by sharing your faith is how Christ's love changed you. I forget the verse off the top of my head, but the one verse I'm thinking of is where God asked the Israelites to keep His laws ever before themselves. 

          What it means is this - if you forget for one minute that your salvation story can't or won't be effective in changing another person's heart, you're not fit for the kingdom. Jesus said to His disciples, "Look, the harvest is ready but the workers few" (Again, not sure where that's used). But the objective here is to show the love of Christ and of God.

          If you want to show how to make the blind see as Jesus did, show them compassion just as Jesus did. If you want the lame to walk, you show them the way Jesus healed you from your own lameness. There is power in His blood, even today. You want to show how Jesus cleansed a leper, you show those people how His blood cleansed you from your unrighteousness.

           So, here goes my salvation story: a few months back I always thought I was a Christian since Oct or Dec of 2001. I never realized it was just a starting off place that God was giving me, a marker, if you will to show my heart was changing and wanting to be His. But the night of my gall bladder surgery? I saw myself being without God. I was so far away from Him. I could see a chasm of nothing but darkness before me. My fever, due to my infected gall bladder? 107 at one point. Yes, I was going to die. What changed was I called out to God. I confessed my sins to Him. You want to talk about power in the blood of Jesus? 

          Less than a week later, while still recovering my home was close to being swept away by floodwaters here in Texas, yes, the flood in Oct 2018. I was on the mend. God allowed my gall bladder to go septic to show me how far off I was without Him. He allowed my recovery to spare my wife and I. I see God's move on my heart and my life every day. Am I ashamed of God? No. I've seen His grave and power too marvelous to behold. No, I don't like the fact that sometimes I hate the fact I don't share my faith enough. But know this, I am not ashamed of what my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did on my behalf. 

          He saved a sinner: unclean, lame, and blind on a very ad and dark night, and I'm set free from those powers of darkness that could have kept me from the love of God. I may not walk perfectly, as I do stumble. But you are either for Him or against Him. I say it loud and proud here: I'm glad Christ chose me! It's why I choose Him. So, if you're afraid of what the enemy can do to you? God controls everything! Let Him handle our adversary, the Devil, "For nothing is impossible with God!"

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