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Ready or Knot? (Book Review)

By, Benjamin H. Liles

          While I have been married, quite successfully to my wife for the last ten years, I believe everyone can and should benefit from a marital coach. Then comes counselor and director of Marriage Ministry at Watermark Community Church, Scott Kedersha. To be completely honest, my wife and I have managed, even though we've stumbled on the way, to have as best a marriage we have. It's never without its faults. If the question to me was, "How would you and your wife like to be sat face to face with Scott Kedersha?" I'd hands down say, "My wife and I sign up for that!"

          Let's face it couples have different communication styles, period. But what if we can cut through all the time, the effort, and the pain of going years without really knowing what our potential spouse or even spouse believes on things: like money, sexy, family, life and ultimately communication? This is where I believe Scott Kedersha has pulled it together for all of us.

          Every page of this book, Ready or Knot?, bleeds with chockful amounts of not just information, but advice on how best we serve our spouse. Follow me here: one of the best marriages I have seen biblically is between Abraham and Sarah. They weren't without their own problems either (see Genesis 16).

          At any rate, there are features within Ready or Knot? that help each and every one of us in doing better in our potential marriage as well as in our marriages:

  • Inspirational stories of actual couples.
  • Three sections -  "Am I Ready?," "Strengthening Our Knot," and "Closing Prayer."
  • Kedersha also advises to find a married mentor couple that both people can be encouraged by.
          I honestly enjoyed this book and have talked certain things over with my wife and it seems we're on the same page about the wisdom of benefiting from others in their Christ-like walk. Just as God had Moses pen this about marriage, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh" (Genesis 2:24). May we all be able to be found in unity to our spouses for good, biblical lives.

          I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Books for a fair and honest review.

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