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Be a Guest Writer!

By Benjamin H. Liles

          Have you ever wanted to share your passion of Jesus Christ with others? Have you wanted to lift Christ up, longing to run for the prize that is set before you? Now you can! You can do this, dear one. I am making it available to be a guest writer for my site to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ: the right way, which is His way. So come on in, the water's fine! There's no need to be afraid or ashamed. If you want to remain anonymous just fill out that form on the Contact page.

          I will check over submissions and see if they fit the parameters to be on this site. The least amount of words I'd like to see are 500 words on upward. As this is guest writing what will happen is if I do feature you, I ask that you feature an article of mine through your website (if you have one). So, I'm looking for available partners who want to share their love for Jesus Christ!