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A Rumored Fortune (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          Intrigue. Adventure. Victorian. Romance. These are just a smattering of a few words I can use to describe Joanna Politano's book A Rumored Fortune. While Joanna tells a story beyond compare of Tressa Harlowe, her father Josiah Harlowe, as well as Donegan Vance, Politano takes us on a story rich with robust and flawed characters. It is a properly paced book, never giving too much away at one time, and in that same breath that I will not give away either.

          Set in the County of Somerset of the Bristol channel, Tressa Harlowe has been called home from her father, supposedly, She has been on tour with her mother, I guess within mainland Europe, we're never truly told that part. Then again I may not properly recall where they were when they received the summons to come back to Trevelyan Castle. The plantation of Trevelyan boasts a vineyard, which Josiah Harlowe has done his best to master and to keep out of prying hands.

          So when his death is announced all sorts of people come forward, making their intentions known right where they stand. With the help of Donegan Vance, can the poorest heiress who ever lived keep what is rightfully hers?

          Trust me when I say this story has plenty of twists and turns about it. Set in the Victorian era of England the story weaves a magic upon the reader, transporting you back to a time of romance, of a time when men were made noble by their actions and their way of living life. I loved the book from the outset simply because Politano set the stage so well for this broken-hearted woman who dearly loved her father. So, to say I loved the book doesn't do it justice. This is a story, if I were to be honest, ought to be made a movie. But again, that's simply my opinion.

          I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in the hopes of an honest and fair review.