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Called to Protect (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          If I could compare Lynette Eason to another writer I would say that would be Terri Blackstock. While I have read a ton of Blackstock's books, this is the first book by Eason I have read. While i love reading Blackstock's books, this one Eason wrote kept me very much guessing who did it and all that entails. So, to say this is a huge honor for me, Called to Protect is a true page turner. You want to be kept up all night, which Blackstock had blazed a trail for, Eason is the gal who can definitely deliver on the "Keep up all night" in terms of the genre of Suspense and Crime.

          Chloe, the main character of the book, has a German Shepherd Hank, who is her partner. She and her family -- who are in the line of police work -- have been called to find drugs and to find out what happened to her missing niece, Penny St. John. I don't want to give more than that, in terms of what the book is about, and yet at the same time Blake MacCallum, his daughter has gone missing just as Penny had. Will they both find Rachel MacCallum and Penny?

          I started reading this book a few days before, but finally started reading it last night, practically keeping me up. I will be honest on this, I thought -- at one point -- that who was part of the crime ring was part of the justice system, but I was hugely, terribly wrong. This is one of the best reads I ever had the chance to read and review. The storytelling is wonderful, stark and very realistic, even if I know very little about human trafficking. Yet, at the same time I can see how girls who are found and returned to their families are never the same again. Eason did a great job on this book and I would be honored to read more of her works.

          I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell in the hopes of a fair and honest review of the book.