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Never Thought of this Before: Proofreading

By Benjamin H. Liles

          This early afternoon I was thinking over things (after having paid bills and all). I realized something rather amazing. I have been using my blog. this site to teach a lot about God's word. That's not a bad thing, but I noticed something as of today. I tend to go through everything I write and make sure everything is correct before things go to print. Sometimes, even after I post, my wife catches little errors in an effort to help me out. In that sense I consider her my built-in editor.

          What am I getting at here? I read a great deal. I love how sentences are structured. I love how certain things, when written well, have a beat and a pattern. Here's a small sample from author Suzanne Woods Fisher, with her latest book, Minding the Light:

           "As Daphne Coffin made her way onto the wooden planks of Straight Wharf, she heard someone call her name and whirled to see her sister Jane hurrying to catch up with her."

          I just love that first line. It sets not only the tone of what she's going to tell us about the Coffin family, but there's a beat, a rhythm to what she's writing and where she will go. But the point is this: I not only post book reviews, or what God is saying in His word, I also take the time to proofread practically everything I do.

           Mistakes will be made, even when books are published. It just makes those books far more valuable in the end, that is if they are few and far between. But my point is I go out of my way, as best as I can, to not simply teach, but to inform, to encourage and build up. If you're reading this today, you can do this same thing if you have attention for detail. The biggest part is you have to be willing to be a reader all the time. It takes a willingness to learn and to know when you need to make corrections.

          As I finish this post off, I counted about six times I made mistakes and adjusted each one before I go to post this article up for all of you. I'm willing to always take a chance on writing. To me, it's not about being well-known, to be adored by the masses; I do what I do because I enjoy this. So, to end this I think it's best to follow your heart, your strengths, and your passion. Mine is for writing and making things as easily explained as possible. Do all the things you can with your heart full, be joyful, and praise God in all things. Be blessed and stay encouraged in Jesus Christ.