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A Rebel Heart (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          I have read a ton of books by different Christian writers over the past few years. While I post what I feel about what I've read, in my honest opinion, no book comes close to me wanting to truly stay "up all night" reading a book.
          I started reading this book by Beth White yesterday afternoon, and A Rebel Heart kept my interest after I got past the first couple of chapters. I could do a spoiler alert within this book review, but I rather not because of the fact it would taint your own view and experience of it.

           What I can say is that Beth's research over the whole course of the book is extensive. She covers a wide range of topics such as slave ownership, life in the South after the Civil War (which some called "Great Unpleasantness"), and the efforts to recover and rebound, known as Reconstruction. I have to admit that it's not very far removed from modern times and a lot of feelings are still ripe after everything has been said and done, but it has been one hundred fifty years since, so it's best we forgive and forget as best as possible. Which brings me to the point of Beth White's book: forgiveness.

          I honestly believe Beth White has done a truly remarkable job within the confines of the book to truly look at the subject matter of forgiveness. The main character, Selah Daughtry, has to overcome a great deal in her life to forgive certain people and things to be the headstrong, business woman she is. And maybe that is a spoiler alert in itself, but from me to you I consider the storytelling outstanding. I have never had the honor of reading and reviewing a book that had been so heavily researched as this book has.

          Beth also did an amazing job with all the characters and the overall development of those characters over the course of the book. Considering it's the first book in the Daughtry House series I have to say I was genuinely surprised with all the twists, turns and curves. She gives plenty of detail in the lives of the people she covers, from Selah, Levi, Wyatt, and Jonathan Daughtry II, her dad in the book. I never thought I would have enjoyed reading a book in the subject of Post-Civil War and the efforts of Reconstruction, but I admit I truly enjoyed the book. Beth White isn't just a master at her craft, she's an amazing storyteller on top of it. So, I fully give this book a raving five stars.

          I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell for my honest and fair review.