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Discipled by Jesus (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          I love this straightforward little book on discipleship. there are tons of books on the subject, but none are as thought-provoking, and grab your attention as this 208 paged book does. Robert clearly shows us that within the pages of the text of God's word that tell us about the "Great Commission" is more about being on "the Great Co-mission" that Jesus gave to his disciples. So, how do we show and share that in our lives?

          I think the biggest key is what Jesus was born to do about two thousand years ago. Countless songs, praises and psalms have been written about His love for everyone who would ever live since the moment He gave up Himself to cleanse us from sin and unrighteousness so we can experience something different in life without legalism. In other words, as Bob Hartman penned for an early Petra song, "Your child is born to die" (Mary's Song, Washes Whiter Than, 1979).

          Discipleship, as Robert Gelinas, tells us is about our ability to walk with Jesus, to have a relationship with Him, to offer up our lives as a willing sacrifice as He did, so that others may see Him as we do and live in our own lives. It's a radical way to live: to deny oneself of all things and to live out this love every single day, not demanding things, but to live in an unselfish way. But it's an important and integral part of the Christian faith. We either show others He still is alive by what we say we believe and know, or we show others we're not truly His.

          I have to admit the words Robert uses within this book made me both laugh and cry. But then I often get weepy over books that are touching and show God's rich and deep love for us. This book is no different in that regard. At the same time it may not do what it did to me as it may do for you. But what you will walk away with is knowing what discipleship with Jesus is all about: picking up your cross and following after Him.

          I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale (Navpress), in the hopes of an honest and fair review.

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