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Ready or Not (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          Maybe it's not how I would have gone about the topic of discipleship, but Drew Moser and Jess Fankhauser have done their best in tackling this sticky subject for those in the twenty-something age range. Considering I'm about twice that age range I guess I find it difficult to remember what life was like for myself. But to be honest and fair, this isn't about me, it's about how well I believe they did on writing this and I have to say they did a good job on it.


           The call to being a mentor to someone else is important in our lives. It means we lay aside our personal feelings, ourself and our ways to going above and beyond to "come alongside" someone else who needs it. a perfect example, I think on the issue of discipleship comes from the life of Samuel. We read, "It came to pass at that time, while Eli was lying down in his place, and when his eyes had begun to grow so dim that he could not see, and before the lamp of God went out in the tabernacle of the Lord where the ark of God was, and while Samuel was lying down, that the Lord called Samuel. And he answered, “Here I am!” So he ran to Eli and said, “Here I am, for you called me.”
And he said, “I did not call; lie down again.” And he went and lay down" (1 Samuel 3:2-5, New King James). 

          It's interesting to note here that we see Eli telling Samuel, "I did not call." Surely, when we read a few verses later that Eli "perceived that the LORD had called the boy" (1 Samuel 3:8b). usually when God wants someone to be mentored to He has the person being called to partner up with someone who knows, who has walked and had a continual relationship with God. For Samuel that person was Eli. 

Ready or Not

          In terms of what Drew and Jess do with their book Ready or Not, they attempt to bring who they are alongside others who feel they are being called to ministry work, to assist, to interact with even though they are unable to do so in person. In that regards i do believe the book is sufficient. But people who feel called to ministry also need someone who is physically there for the, such as a Pastor, a Youth Minister, Minister of Education, and all. I recall being mentored by a minister who was an education minister at a church in Austin. I loved the guy, still do even though we have lost touch. He gave me the love and joy I needed to keep on diving into God's word. The funny thing is we were working on the events of Genesis--the Creation story. I found it fascinating then and still do.

          I want to end this on a good and bright note: while I couldn't personally get through Drew and Jess's book Ready or Not doesn't mean you won't. The book is targeted for those in their twenties. It's meant to be used as a guide to help those figure out their place, to figure out who they are and in which direction to go as ministers of God. I also think they gave their best ability in conveying everything God put on their hearts to share in a book as well. So don't let my saying, "It's a hard read for me" dissuade you from picking up the book. They did as good a job as they could within two hundred and forty pages. 

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