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Breaking the Fear Cycle (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

         Maria uses real life examples of how her faith and fear shape the book she pens here, Breaking the Fear Cycle. On our own steam it's not an easy thing to do at all. And she shows us that throughout her book. I think it's a wonderful tool to help, alongside God's word. With that being said I truly think she has a hit here.
          Which if us truly believe we have our lives perfectly under control? The guy whose wife has cancer, your fear may be that she could go at any time, and if God took her home, would He still leave you alone? We're told in the Bible, God's word, He never leaves us, He never forsakes us. In my honest assessment of Maria's work and understanding how to apply scripture she does an amazing job. She shows us what she went through and how she used God's word to strengthen her and to uphold her faith.

          Was it any easier for her to live her life in all of this? I doubt it, but she persisted along with God at her side. She took steps and shows us how we, too, can come through those fearful moments stronger and better - because God is on our side, He is for us. To be perfectly honest here, my life is never perfect or beautiful, to me it's always a constant mess, but if I stopped for one minute to allow fear rule me and my heart I think it would truthfully cripple me. I used to live my life that way and it serves no real purpose.

          So, do I say, "Pick up this book and read it?" I do say that,yes, and at the same time I also say this as well: "Pick up the Bible, read along with her out of your personal Bible, and see how things fit into your life." What harm is there to combat fear and allow God to be present? I think there is none. So grab a copy, sit down and read it little by little or as much as you want. Go dis with you and desires you to live without fear in your life.

          I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell for an honest and fair review.