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Non-stop Action, Suspense (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          The latest in the Recruits series has a lot of non-stop action. From start to finish it is a thrill-ride of Tolkienesque proportions. And that's the thing of it all. While I enjoy reading/reviewing Locke's books, it seems the further he goes with his writing as he's giving a nod to the late Lord of the Rings author. In a sense it feels that way to me. And in saying that it's not a bad thing in and of itself. Actually, if anything, Tolkien would be proud to see a man come so close to emulating his style and prose for a series as classic as Lord of the Rings.
          Even though I say all of that to this point, I also add on that the book is fast-paced, well written, and it's got a ton of suspense to it. It picks up on Sean and Dillon Kirrel's (mis)adventures in finding out who they are in their lives. This latest in the series shows them dealing with consequences of their actions. Or, in their sense, they have done nothing worth of imprisonment. But it seems it's planned that way for their help for a new threat that the Assembly is facing.
          Without giving any more spoilers of what happens (or not happening), I would add on that Locke's books have done well, as far as I know. Thomas Locke is the pseudonym for Davis Bunn who has won awards with his writing. From the Lion of Babylon (as Davis Bunn) to this latest book as Thomas Locke, he has sold over seven million copies and in twenty-two languages.
          I received this copy from Revell to review and provide honest feedback on.

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