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By Benjamin H. Liles

          In my life, over the past twenty-seven years, I have accumulated roughly a thousand years worth of family information. There have been times I have gotten frustrated with what was accurate and what wasn't, but it has been worth it. Enter in my wife. Since we've been married I have also helped her with her family history. That's been eight years.

          The point is I can also help you with your family tree search as well. Some of it gets involved with local history, other times it gets heavily involved with history overall, such as world history, but it's the richness thereof which you can be sure tells you the amazing story of your family's life, from you on down to your ancestors.
          There are sites that promise rewards for everything they do. From allowing you to have the file they have worked on for your behalf, on up to helping you do a DNA test as well. And these businesses can help you out.
          So, why come to me for any help? As I said I've done innumerable hours of research on my own, for myself, for my wife. My own parents have benefited greatly for the work I've done. Not only that I ended up in contact with some amazing cousins who have also helped with what was right and what wasn't.
          What I am prepared to do for the lowest fee possible, I can do a four hour consultation which is simply a non-refundable fee of $49.95. For those four free hours you will receive the actual gedcom file I worked up (it requires no work on your part, for I'll do all the work, as much as possible). If after those four hours you are satisfied and want a more detailed family tree, it would end up in this way:

First Four Basic 20 Hours Standard 40 Hours Advanced 60 Hours
$49.95 (non-refundable) $47.95/hour ($959 Total) $44.95/hour ($1,798 Total) $42.95/hour ($2,577 Total)
You will receive the gedcom file You will receive the gedcom file. You receive gedcom file. You receive gedcom file.
Four hours are done at very little cost You also receive Family Tree Maker 2017 ($89.95 value) You also receive Family Tree Maker 2017 ($89.95 value) You also receive Family Tree Maker 2017 ($89.95 value)
DNA test from ($79 value) DNA test from ($79 value) DNA test from ($79 value)
Family History Bound Book Family History Bound Book

          So, if you're interested in knowing more about your history, check with other places first and see who you want to go with. I give you my word I will work to the fullest of my ability to help you find the roots of your family, and to be a part of yours as well. I am committed to excellence and to keeping you satisfied as a customer. Be blessed.