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Hurt Road (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          I knew I already liked Third Day. They have so many wonderful and powerful songs. So when this opportunity came up to choose this book I had to leap at it. Granted this review could truly be biased considering I truly and absolutely love Christian music. But reading Mark Lee's account of his life--he's a founding member of Third Day, a guitarist, songwriter, father--I have to say I feel like I got a backstage pass to get to know "the guys," as musicians tend to say.

          I'm no stranger to pain and loss myself, but I have to save that for another time. The thing here is that Mark looks back on his life and also at the road ahead not completely unafraid. He shares his heart with us. He tells and shows us how He came to Christ. He shows us his story, how he lost his father at the age of sixteen. He dives in at what I consider "the right places" giving just enough to allow us a glimpse of him in his element, his faith.

          It strikes me, even though I'm not a professional musician (I play guitar in the privacy of my home, being on the road in that way doesn't sound like fun to me), that in reading about Mark, where he's come and gone, what has happened along the way: the troubles, the pains, the loss, but also he shows us the life of faith lived. He talks fondly and at great length of his love for Christ, for his band; for his wife, Stephanie, and for their children.

          This is where I have to tell you, my reader, what impacted me a great deal. You see I've never been mentored in my life to do what I'm doing online. At best, the one speaking engagement I had was at my uncle's funeral. I don't know if I'm pastoral material. The thing is God put that on my heart to do. So, when I read this--"After meeting Steve I had to post about it on my blog...That book, Intercepted by Christ, absolutely changed my life." Mark Lee was able to meet Steve Bartkowski of the Atlanta Falcons, due to his wife Stephanie looking up a booking agent on Google.

          When I read about this, coming from Mark Lee, about how Steve's life read more like a Christian testimony, I admit it got me truly thinking. I have to admit I'm not a huge sports junkie, but I'm considering finding a way to get my hands on Steve Bartkowski's book myself at this point. What I relate to Mark Lee on and about is his love and passion for music. I don't do that professionally even though I could have. My whole point is that Mark weaves this wonderful picture of his life of faith, how it has helped him get through the tough times, how it helps him move forward, and how it shapes his life. This book is truly a great read.

          I received a complimentary copy as part of the Revell Reads blogger program to give my honest feedback.

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