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Education a la Carte (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          Every parent considers ways of teaching their children. Should they allow the public school system? Maybe some consider private school. Others go with a more nontraditional route: home-schooling. With the rise of threats being made to children in the school system, parents have more ways of thinking of how to give their children the best education available. Dr. Kevin Leman provides that way in his book Education a la Carte.

          What parent doesn't want their child to be excited about learning? To see something and experience it in a different way? Often times children aren't challenged enough to want to give education their best. As I was growing up, I wasn't challenged by the public school system. While part of it was due to some of the teachers not engaging me well enough, it was also due to those in my age range who I felt held me down, making comments such as, "You're always reading a book, you nerd!"

          Children have a right to an education, to learn how to interact with one another, to learn how to deal with stress and the possibility of being bullied. And yet there's also a way to allow children to go through certain aspects of life, before they see it firsthand and feel torn down. It's why I advocate for home-schooling myself. I mean even in the arena of the private school system bullying happens, we just don't hear it as much.

          I have tried to read Kevin Leman's book and had a hard time in keeping it in front of my face. So, in regards to this, I don't fault him for it. Some things I find fascinating and wanting to learn. Others I don't care much for. That being said, I don't want to turn people off from reading this book. He does an incredible job educating parents to do right by their children's educational needs. Is it written well? I believe so. Does he make his points and hold to them throughout? Exceptionally well.

          I received this book from Revell in the hopes of my honest feedback.

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