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Eats with Sinners (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

          I have to regard Arron Chambers, not just the author of Eats with Sinners, but also Running on Empty: Life Lessons to Refuel Your Faith, and Remember Who You are: Unleashing the Power of an Identity-Driven Life as being well-written, if not well-spoken. It seems, according to him, it has taken some time to get to a place to accepting people where they are at in this moment.

          Eats with Sinners shows how we, as Chistians, can bring the gospel of Christ to others on their level. It is a going out of the way as the Samaritan did with the wounded man on the road to receiving help. It means if someone is hungry, feed them. If someone needs clothing, clothe them. All of this is to say Christians can uphold the commands Jesus gave. It is an easy thing altogether in sharing Jesus Christ's gospel with others. It's not this hard or vague thing to do. Yes, it requires going out of the way, but it's what Christ did for us; we're to do the same so God can reach the lost.

          Arron Chambers is the lead minister of Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado, author of four books (including "Devoted" [978-1-6129-1792-4] and "Go! "[978-0-7847-2282-4]), and contributing editor of Christian Standard. A competitive triathlete and popular speaker, Arron and his wife, Rhonda, are the parents of four children.

          Note: I received a copy of Eats with Sinners from Tyndale for this review. Yet, my opinions expressed are my own.

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