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The Captain's Daughter (Book Review)

By Benjamin H. Liles

         Rosalyn Bernay, the heroine of this story, has had a rough life. She and her sisters were orphaned at a young age and reared in an orphanage. Their father, supposedly, died at sea. Their mother ended up dying.

         Nate Moran is a soldier who has been wounded while fighting in India. He is recuperating back home in London, England. In the process Nate and Rosalyn cross paths. Will both Nate and Rosalyn end up parting ways? Or do they both find that missing part in their lives through their hearts?

          For Jennifer Delamere, this is her latest Victorian-aged romance novel. She has authored several books, one of which is "An Heiress at Heart," one of the finalist's for the 2013 RITA Award. Other books she has written are "A Bride for the Season" as well as "A Lady most Lovely." Jennifer is married and resides in North Carolina with her husband. She and her husband are also active in a "local Christian fellowship as Bible students and teachers" (From her website: Jennifer Delamere).

          I have read other author's versions of romance books, but this is the first one that has actually kept and held my interest. It is a wonderful, fast-paced read. I love the way Jennifer writes: both humorous and convinces me she knows what she's writing about. And that's no wonder considering she loves the Victorian age in England. She comes off, in her writing, as a balanced word-smith. It took me a total of two days to read this; it is that entertaining to read. And if I came close to this level in my own writing I'd consider it an honor myself.

          Note: I received this book compliments of Bethany House, and the thoughts expressed are my own (aside from the author's autobiography, which can be found on her website--link above).

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