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          I truly started coming to Christ back in December of 2000. It was during a Billy Graham crusade event. I felt God putting it on my heart that if I didn't come to Him I never would come to His saving grace. At least that's how I felt the prompting in my heart. It wasn't until after I got married to my wife in 2009 that I was properly baptized; it was December 24 that happened. Since then I felt more and more I needed to do something with my life to show the faith I had in that God saves and gives mercy to whom He will give mercy to.

          In fact, to be candid here, I am of the belief and mindset that when God calls He equips the one He calls. It may be by the church that a man is called to ministry, but God does the work in and on the man. Also, I believe that faith does a number of things in a believer's life: 1) By the Spirit, faith has works; these works are seen as patience, perseverance, self-control to name a few; 2) provides the fruit that others either see or do not see; if there is no fruit then faith isn't active, the man is doing it on his own and not by God's hand. I admit these are my opinions and beliefs, but they are grounded on scripture.
          Since 2009, when I was married to my wife I have done my best to work on my writing and I do have one book available, so far: God's Great Grace. I teach a lot online through this website, so other than that I do what I can to help my wife keep up our home, help my parents when they need it, and to give back to others who have sown into my life. I thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I also pray that you are blessed and God calls you to a deeper place in your life through Jesus Christ.

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