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Deepest Thanks!

By Benjamin H. Liles

          Hey, everyone! I want to give all of my readers from across the world a huge shout out as well as a thank you! Because of you guys I now can review more books. If you have the time to scroll completely to the bottom of this page, my home page, you'll notice a "Tyndale Cerrtified - Tyndale Blog Network" logo.
          Here's the reason for that: if you'll notice in my sidebar where the "Follow" features are, between the six following me on Twitter, the four on Google+, and the twenty-six for my Facebook page (a total of 36!), this has allowed me the visibility needed to review more books! The more books I am able to read, the better the content will get for this site. Pastors and teachers need to learn more, not just daily, but weekly, and monthly. It allows us to grow and to do more adequate work in encouraging all of you. And through encouraging you, it helps to empower you, changing not just our lives, but yours and others who you walk beside.

          All I ask is that those who keep on reading, who help me out in getting those follows on social media, continue to do so, spreading by word of mouth my site helps you understand and live out your walk in Jesus as Lord and Savior. All of this to say: thanks, everyone for doing what you are. You bless me.

          UPDATE - One more thing i want to add on here, before I leave a little bit: I will put up a new article before the day is out, and have a few more scheduled for the next few days, if my time allows. With that said, the reason is I am working on a free gift for those who truly want to spend more time on here and follow me through social media. You all are so very worth it.

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