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Thomas Locke's Recruits reminiscent of Song of Solomon Meets Revelation

By Benjamin H. Liles

          From start to finish Recruits, Thomas Locke's latest bestseller, is both gripping and fierce in its storytelling. He combines what I consider to be a love story, a coming of age story, romping adventures, and a good old-fashioned shoot-'em out.
In some ways I'm unsure of how to truly pen this. This book has almost literally been in my hand for almost two weeks. It took me so long to read it as for two reasons:

1) I didn't want to actually put it down. It's that good of a read. I wanted to know more, but at the same time it's like watching your favorite TV show without binging on it every day only to eventually burn out from holding it too long. I hope that makes sense.

2) It grabs your interest from page one. Thomas Locke has a way of phrasing things, even if it takes him time to think, re-think, paint a little here, tighten up this hook there. It's like crafting the perfect song for the listener to truly hear the music alongside the melody.

          For once words truly do escape me. It's both a work of art, in my opinion, and quite literally a breathtaking scene from Biblical scripture. I know that Thomas Locke writes mainly fantasy and science fiction, but to understand what I'm truly saying is you also have to know more about the man behind Thomas Locke. No, Thomas Locke isn't some made up person. It's T. Davis Bunn's pseudonym for writing science fiction and fantasy. Davis Bunn, the author, is a man who writes stories based on biblical stories.

          Let me give this as an example: Davis wrote Lion of Babylon somewhere around 2010 as it was published a year later in 2011. To me, even though I read that book early last year (or was it in 2015? I can't recall), I was gripped from the word "Go." It was as if Jesus commanded Peter to take that step of faith in walking out to him on the Galilean waters. This is very hard to put in the language I have to. My words aren't adequate enough.

          For me it's like John the beloved disciple, the aged apostle who Jesus reveals the last days of what culminates on planet Earth. Under his pseudonym Thomas Locke, Davis Bunn, wrote a number of books that capture the beauty and complications of terrible days we may never quite understand or even imagine. Think about how John felt obtaining Revelation from the hand of Jesus. He must have felt humbled, a little proud, burdened, heart-weary, and a great love for his people of Israel as well as the entire human race. Such are also Thomas Locke's words in this latest book he has aptly titled Recruits.

          Here's what is written about Thomas Locke's Recruits as it appears on his Recruits page: " It's a world they've seen only in their dreams--until now. Twins Sean and Dillon Kirrel have dreamed about a world beyond their own since they were children, but it has always been a fantasy. Not long before their eighteenth birthday, however, the arrival of a mysterious new neighbor and the revelations he shares bring that far off world within reach."

          I finally was able to finish reading this latest book by Thomas Locke as of tonight. I simply couldn't put it down any longer. It was demanding to be read. And to be honest, if I had any sort of talent in writing as Locke does in writing fantasy I would do so. My heart, however, lies in not just writing book reviews but also what I feel and believe my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ would want me to. It's a great book if you're into fantasy and science fiction, I can't and won't deny that. It's a fantastic ride from beginning to end. It will keep you in your seat if you desire suspense.

          I received a copy of Recruits by Revell in the hopes of an honest and objective review of it. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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