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America's Election - Choosing Love or Hate

By Benjamin H. Liles

          There is a recent tide, within the past dozen or so hours where after the whole deabcle of American politics decided in favor of Donald Trump as President. While a lot of us are overjoyed, ecstatic, and jubilant that God has heard our prayers for the end of corruption. There is a seed that is being carried on ill winds choosing diviseness over healing. What gives? I'll admit I am political. I have my beliefs.

          But what about treating people the way you want to be treated? I've seen and heard, almost within the past twenty-four hours, a lot of hate and this sense of great discouragement. I've always been taught that if you want people to treat you well you give them the same treatment you desire. For every action and word you use it comes back to you, whether you realize it or not. I'm not asking for much, but if you want and need a sense of things going your way you don't put down, hate on, get all gloomy, take a life, take your own life--well, I'm sure you see where I'm going and see what I'm saying.

          At the moment I feel stuck and I admit to that as I'm unsure of what to truly say to everyone on the issue. What I know and feel is that I want to give my utmost respect and love to everyone, but if it's going to get rammed back in my face, for me to be attacked then I have a simple word here: think before you speak. I'm not casting any stones. I won't do it. I have done a lot of wrongs in my life and I know what it's like to be accused of something that I may have done or not done. I'm no better than anyone, nor will I act as though I am.

          If we don't allow a gentle and soothing breeze to rejuvenate our spirits, to heal the broken hearts, to bring sight to blind eyes, to mend broken bones, to help the lame to walk, we are asking for something far worse than what happened these past eight years. Do we really and truly deserve that? I'm going to be very forward here on this issue. If we go forward from here and keep seeking after destruction, you're going to get it. It won't be from me as I seek after God, His heart, and to love regardless. You might get what you want from one of two ways:

1) God's righteous judgment, which He declared from the foundation of this world to the day Jesus the Messiah returns. It means He'll lay a hold of you at the least moment you expect and deal with you. It's a measure to show you not just His displeasure of having to deal with sinful lives, attitudes, and hearts. More than anything He does it as a Father who wants His child to grow up right and reach fullness. Still, He will reward those who seek after destruction with exactly that as you chose that route.

2) Choosing to ignore a very real and invisible threat from principalities and powers. The enemy that is so within our striking distance is evil in its very form. It whispers in our ears that evil really isn't real. It causes our hearts to want to draw inward. We don't want to be or feel exposed, so by allowing this "blindness" to keep us veiled in we're running like lemmings over a cliff. I've been there and I refuse to allow the blinders to ever go back on. Satan wants to hide who He is. Him and his cohorts delight in causing fear, hatred, diviseness and the lot to reign in our hearts and lives. For my household and myself I put my foot down. I see it ever so clearly. It's not going to get me and take me down. God will deal with sin, evil, and death in His time.

          What you choose in life can either put you over the edge or bring you down. Choosing to go down, and let me say it as delicately as I can, would be akin to throwing the fight. Would you rather put up a fight, standing your ground, loving and obeying God on high who reigns and sits in Heaven? Or would you rather keep on down that slippery slope which leads to death and Hell? I'm sorry. I'm a praying man. I refuse to allow hate to rule. I choose Jesus the Messiah daily, my God, my Father, and to have His Spirit within me. I may fail from time to time, but God sustains me. But at least you'll get love from me and nothing less.

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