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Benjamin Liles - Book Reviewer

By Benjamin H. Liles

I spend a lot of time writing. In fact, when I'm not writing, or in the middle of playing a game (either on my computer or tablet), I have a book in hand. I have found I enjoy writing book reviews. I have written more than two book reviews, but for some reason I'm having a problem looking for a couple of others I have written. Saying this, here are the two links to the ones I have for this site so that you don't have to go digging for them:

The Fragment Review

It is 1923, after the events of World War I in which Paris is rebuilding. Muriel Ross is Tom Bryant's personal aide in helping to bolster their walk of faith. Charles Fouchet is a war veteran sworn to protect Muriel Ross and Tom Bryant no matter the cost.

Muriel Ross, a young woman in the employ of the Smithsonian Institute, is being hosted by U.S. Sentaor Tom Bryant in Paris

Merchant of Alyss Analysis

Thomas Locke has done it again with his new book, Merchant of Alyss. While the book starts off a little slow (okay, purely my opinion), it soon develops into one romp of a story. Trees that uproot themselves to defend their master's home. However, for Hyam, who is not a farmer as he intended to be, in Thomas Locke's Emissary, life is a bit more complicated. In reading the book I find that Hyam isn't one who looks to receive accolades or awards for what he does on behalf of the realm he lives in.

Double Edge (Fault Lines) Review

Fast Paced, Action packed short story...

Charlie Hazard's life is packed full of action and then the mystery woman catches his eye. She asks Charlie to come on a thrill ride in which he doesn't know what's going on. He straps in for everything he is unsure of and finds out what he's getting in to.

Trial Run (Fault Lines) Review

Explosive. Riveting. Edge of your seat thrill-ride (Rated 5 Stars)

Imagine a world where anything you do in a precognitive state (future or past events happen in a dream state) can and does literally happen. For Trent it's a very real problem. Shane Shearer is an undergrad working on her MBA. Both Trent and Shane soon realize they're in way over their heads.

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