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Major Update

Author: Benjamin H. Liles

From time to time updates are inevitable. I have done my best lately to keep my site not only relevant, but also how to encourage everyone who finds my site, or finds some teaching that is useful to them. It is never in my interest to condescend to anyone or to even make anyone feel inadequate. That's not the goal of my site.

The end goal is that since time is drawing ever near for certain events to take place, I feel it is my duty--an honor, actually, and in obedience to my faith in Jesus Christ--to help others find their place in the Father's Kingdom. It is not an attempt to hurt, put down, make fun of, demean, or belittle anyone. The walk I wish to have in my Lord and Savior is not only done in love, but also with a sense of honor, grace, dignity and truth.

Therefore, it is my hope and prayer that this site looks better, overall, and that it places an emphasis on finding things easier. God bless!

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