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Prosperity or Gospel Preaching

Joel Osteen preaches many things, but he hardly ever 
preaches the gospel of Christ. All we can do is pray for him.

By Benjamin H. Liles

There is a huge difference between the Prosperity Gospel and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is this, the Prosperity Gospel says "if you name it, you can claim it." Joel Osteen recounted a time in his life when him and his wife were in a neighborhood where they wanted to live. He had a hard time believing they could ever live there and was chastised by his wife into believing they could do so. Nevertheless, they were able to have the house of their dreams. Also, the Prosperity Gospel says you can use God to be blessed by God. Sorry, the God I know isn't a blanket to be pulled out every now and then to be covered. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ, however, says that we are sinners needing grace, and receiving that grace is by having faith Christ can and will forgive us our old debts--our sins--renewing and restoring us to a right relationship with God, the Father. Jesus Christ does more for us, anyway, than the Prosperity Gospel can. Jesus says, "My peace I give to you, not as the world does." He also says, "Rest and take my burdens for they are light and not heavy."

The biggest difference between the two is that when Jesus Christ is accepted He saves us not only from ourselves and our sins, but we are no longer of this world. The Prosperity Gospel? It's a worldly, materialistic view that is saying we really don't need God or His grace and salvation.

Recently, I found out Osteen rebuked the following apostles for all they did: John, Peter and Paul. These men helped lay foundations of faith, love and how we are to model Jesus Christ in and through our lives. So, for Joel to rebuke them means he doesn't truly cherish what God desires to do in his life. Therefore, I am praying he sees the error of his ways and comes fully to Jesus Christ for salvation. He has allowed his view, his understanding of scripture, to not really minister rightly to those who have him on their programs (television). It is our job, if we are in ministry (and I believe we are if we truly are saved), to minister to others when we are asked for our faith, why we believe as we do and to give sound answers regarding other specific questions asked.

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