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Continuous Work

By Benjamin H. Liles

I sit here thinking of ways to revamp and redo this site so that it is pleasing to those who visit my site. It's not an easy task to do. Seriously. It seems I'm always in a writing slump. Yes, I'm frustrated, but I figure why not go ahead and put it to paper (or my site, since that's what I'm doing). Not everything I do and write are disjointed. I could turn this into a bible study on frustration. However, I feel it is just as good to show that I'm like everyone else.

Have you ever felt you were in a slump as I feel I am? Maybe today is that day for you. Maybe it was yesterday. We all get the funks every now and then. If there was never a bad day to be held, then how does growth ever come about? I believe we all have days like I am having, as there is something we can learn from it. It's a continual process. Sometimes I feel as though I can write for hours. At other times I feel it's useless, so why do it? I can think of a reason to keep doing it. It's better to get it out and down, than to keep it held back.

Characters in a book, when we read one, express their frustration. They have their good and bad moments as well. Like I said, sometimes thoughts are disjointed, but work with me here. Authors allow this to show readers the character they are writing about has flaws just as we all do. I'm just as flawed and imperfect as anyone. So, who's reading the book that I'm in? Since I consider myself a child of God, I can easily say He's reading the book I'm in. He takes joy in seeing me grow. It is painful to and on me, but it is always a season of growth.

I have a feeling I'm always going to have to work at things. I'll have to understand better. I'll have to do better. Most likely I'll still have days that are like today, and maybe they'll be far better than how I feel at this moment. All I know is I ought to keep on writing even in the times I don't feel like it. This is my continual work. And I still enjoy it regardless.

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