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Writer's Block

By Benjamin H. Liles

As a writer I feel it is my duty to keep writing even when I don't feel I have anything to write about. And that's the big thing about having writer's block. I have it all the time and find it always hard to even feel like writing. If you want a few tips to conquering this I suggest a few things you can do:

* Take it slow and easy. Not everything needs to be done right away. Writing is a process. It takes time and patience to do so. I really should take my own advice here. While I believe I ought to have a dealine it's not always the end of the world if I go past it.

* Don't give up or give in. We all have our weak points. It's okay to take time off, to clear the head. However, it's always a good idea to brainstorm ideas and keep writing even if it's hard to do.

* Write on themes or topics. For a couple of months now I have enjoyed reading and writing reviews. It's a great stress reliever. In fact, I have two authors I absolutely enjoy reading: Davis Bunn and Terri Blackstock. I look forward to being able to read their books when I have the time, even if I can't give a review of their past books.

While it may not be an easy thing to do in moving past writer's block, it's always best to keep on writing, keep your head high and look at the fact that in the end you accomplish something. That end result is knowing you have written something.

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