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Things I'm Working On

By Benjamin H. Liles

I not only want to continually seek after God through Jesus Christ, but to also fulfill Christ's commandment to love others as much as He loved me. This is just one of the things I desire to work on. I won't go into a great deal of sermonizing, but to give an overall view of what I want to accomplish on my website.

1) Keep this site relevant and up to date. I have a tendency to put off and not do what I enjoy, which is to write and design. I've always enjoyed writing content as well as programming. I am looking into ways to make the flow, look, and feel appealing.

2) Enjoying what I love. I always loved the art of writing, even though from time to time I get frustrated and quit. I am working on powering through and simply getting my ideas down. It means making sure I hit certain deadlines I want to meet, feeling I have actually finished something.

3) Book Reviews. This is one of the few things I have found enjoyment in. I have a few authors I enjoy reading: Terri Blackstock, Davis Bunn, Thomas Locke (Davis Bunn's pseudonym), Gilbert Morris, and James Scott Bell. Every time I read one of their books I say to myself, "I want to be able to do what they do." I figure reviewing their books and remaining active doing so will keep my own writing fresh.

4) Inspire and encourage others to follow their dreams. There are numerous people who feel and believe they can't do what they love. Yes, it would be great to earn a living doing what you love. I'm one of them. The purpose, however, is to keep doing what you love regardless of a paycheck. In time that happens. I find inspiration and encouragement from a myriad of people. Of the many I can choose from I want to mention just a couple: Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Davis Bunn, and Terri Blackstock. Passion is what drives writers and entrepreneurs alike in feeling and being fulfilled. How's that for uplifting?

The last thing I want to accomplish is to be content and joyful no matter what the cost is. We all sacrifice something for the greater good. I'm no different. I hope this blesses and encourages others to finding what they are good at and to do well.

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